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mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Zara skirt

Sole, mare, spiaggia...
ecco dove vorrei essere ora. Magari su un'isola deserta in compagnia di un ombrellone e di un frizzante cocktail.
Sola con i miei pensieri, lontana da tutto il caos quotidiano.
Distesa sulla spiaggia, con un costume non troppo sexy e non troppo fashion.

Sun,sea, beach
 That's where I would be now. Maybe on a desert island in the company of a beach umbrella and a frizzy cocktail.
Only with my thoughts, away from all the chaos of everyday life.
Lying on the beach with a costume not too sexy and not too fashion.

Quanto amo la stagione estiva, a mio parere è la più bella in assoluto.
Un outfit non troppo comodo ma bello, uno di quelli che rimetteresti sempre perchè andrebbe bene in ogni occasione, una delle location più belle di Italia :Capri
Un ricordo della scorsa estate, un post che dovevo scrivere almeno 6 mesi fà ma non ho potuto...
Un paesaggio, un outfit sempre bello da vedere. 
Cosa ne pensate????
Un bacio 

I love summer, for me is the most beautiful season.
In a location, the most beautiful in Italy :Capri
A memories of last summer, a view, outfit always beautiful.
What do you think?

T-Shirt : Zara
Pochette: Guess

37 commenti:

  1. Ti va di seguirci a vicenda?

  2. Che belle foro! :) non vedo l'ora che torni l'estate! :)

  3. i just cant find the words to describe how wonderful you look :D

    maybe we can follow each other? let me know dear i will follow back of course ;)

  4. Hello from Spain: thanks for stopping by my blog dedicated to Barbies. Fashion is one of my passions. Since I became a follower of your blog. I envy your photos with sunshine. Keep in touch

  5. Hello dear,thank you for stopping at my blog:) of corse we can follow each other, will be pleasure, xxx

  6. Hi pretty!
    Beautiful pics!
    Sure we can follow each other! I already am (via GFC and bloglovin)
    its your turn now :)

  7. che voglia di estate!! posto magnifico
    Grazie per la visita
    Tua nuova follower!

  8. Amazing outfit dear,yes ofcourse please follow me back i am new here on blogger. 25.2. grand opening my photos with my fashion outfits thank you so so much

  9. Gosh, such a wonderful place!
    I'm adding it to my travel list for sure ^^
    Cool blog as well. I am now following :)
    Hope that you have a sec to visit mine and if you like it, follow back?
    << From Brussels, with Love>>

  10. omg!! such beautiful pictures!! looking at these pictures makes me wish it was summer here in NYC already!!
    love ur maxi skirt

  11. Thanks,for your lovely comment on my blog.^^
    Of course we can follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC.
    Do you start with the follow???

    1. we can follow each other on Facebook and twitter if you want.......

  12. Your outfit is stunning, I like how you combined the items!

    Have a great day,

  13. Skirt is really beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog, of course I want to follow each other :) Follow you now :)

  14. Lovely photos! I followed you like you asked. now it's your turn!!! :D

    Hope you had a great vday!


  15. che voglia di estate, di caldo e di mareee ufffi!!
    Grazie per la visita !!!
    Ciao bella

  16. it looks so pretty. I want a vacation :) thank you for stopping by. we can definitely follow each other. Following you now on bloglovin and gfc.

  17. it looks so pretty. I want a vacation :) thank you for stopping by. we can definitely follow each other. Following you now on bloglovin and gfc.

  18. this makes me long for summer so bad! x

  19. Bellissima la gonna!!
    Ti seguo =)

  20. Your blog is absolutelly gorgeous, very creative. And you are so beautiful!
    Un bacio grande..;-)